About Us

Our mission is to develop habits of mind, body, and spirit rooted in the Catholic tradition, so to attain the highest good.

Who We Are

Trinity High School is happy to welcome students from a wide range of social, economic, and religious backgrounds.  Our current student population comes to us from our local feeder schools on the West Shore, Catholic parishes on the East Shore, as well as other public and private schools in Cumberland, Perry, northern York, Juniata, and Dauphin Counties.  In addition, we have a small number of students who come to us internationally.

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What We Believe

We believe in multiple aspects that make a whole: Catholic Identity, Educational Excellence, Integrity, Community, Service, Wholeness, Lifelong Learning, Live the Gospel Values, Affirm the Dignity of All People, Minister to Communities, Believe in Themselves, Take Responsibility, and Embrace Learning for Life.

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Our Vision

We aspire to be regarded as the preeminent high school in central Pennsylvania.  We will be known as a school that epitomizes excellence in all our endeavors; a school that inspires loyalty and passion among all constituents/customers past and present; a school that stands for integrity, dignity, and class in every facet of what we do; a school that lives the Gospel of the Catholic church and embraces the call to welcome all members of God’s family; a school whose culture is deeply embedded in the power of prayer.

Our Catholic Identity

Our Catholic Identity is the core of who we are and what sets us apart from other schools. We, at Trinity, work hard to foster an environment that will help students grow spiritually and learn how to be a guiding presence in their parish, family, and community. Campus Ministry strives to provide students the opportunity to grow in relationship with God, their family, and their friends, the opportunity to see the face of Christ in all those around them, the opportunity to serve God through the service of neighbors, and the opportunity to apply knowledge learned in Religion class to the world around them.

Board of Directors

Trinity High School has three layers of governance.  First is the Diocese of Harrisburg Secretariat for Education, second is the school’s Board of Directors, and third is the Principal.

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Partner (Feeder) Catholic Schools

While Trinity High School enrolls students from a large geographic region, and from both private and public schools in the region, our largest percentage of students come to us from four Catholic Schools in Cumberland County.

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