What We Believe

Catholic Identity

We believe that our Catholic identity is based on the integral part we play in the Church’s mission to proclaim the Gospel, build a community of faith and to promote service to others.

Educational Excellence

We believe that our rigorous curriculum and related academic programs challenge both faculty and students to pursue intellectual development and achieve their personal best.


We believe that our commitment to live honest, sincere and upright lives is exercised in the classroom, in co-curricular activities and in the community.


We believe that our unique, faith-centered community is nurtured through our families and parishes striving to create a supportive and caring environment, which affirms the dignity of all persons.


We believe that the Gospel calls us to serve God through lifelong service to others.


We believe in providing our students diverse opportunities for leadership and growth intellectually, spiritually, physically and socially.

Lifelong Learning

We believe that learning is a lifelong process and we encourage our students to take ownership of their learning and find solutions to life’s challenges through Gospel teachings.

Graduate Profile:

Upon completion of the course of study at Trinity High School, it is hoped that our graduates will:

Live the Gospel Values

. . . follow Jesus as disciples, building a stronger relationship with God by integrating their understanding of Church teachings in their daily lives.

Affirm the Dignity of All People

. . . respect the God-given uniqueness of themselves and others.

Minister to Communities

. . . contribute to the building of better communities through leadership & service.

Believe in Themselves

. . .  confidence in themselves and in their abilities to succeed and make a difference.

Take Responsibility

. . . be prepared to act independently to meet future challenges, both professional & personal.

Embrace Learning for Life

. . . possess varied skills necessary to succeed in an ever changing world as well as acquire the tools to continue to seek answers to life’s questions.