Our School

Trinity High School is a Catholic co-educational high school located on the West Shore of Harrisburg. We currently enroll 520 young men and women in a challenging academic program and we operate under the mission: “to develop habits of mind, body, and spirit, rooted in the Catholic tradition, so as to attain the highest good.”

The leadership of Trinity is helmed by an administrative team consisting of the Principal, Vice-Principal (Director of Academics), Dean of Students, and Director of Student Activities. Trinity is a diocesan school, and enjoys the support and guidance of the Diocese of Harrisburg. Trinity also benefits from an active Board of Directors, composed of local pastors and laypersons.

Trinity is proud of offer rigorous academics, while balancing those with a strong learning support program. We currently offer 13 Advanced Placement courses for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. We also offer a number of honors courses, and a partnership with Alvernia University, which allows high school students to earn dual high school and college credit. Trinity boasts an impressive 98% of students who matriculate to higher education.

Students at Trinity are encouraged to participate in our robust extra-curricular program. Because our school has 520 students, but a comparable number of clubs and sports as our local public schools with larger numbers of students, there are more opportunities for participation and leadership at Trinity. Trinity students regularly play more than one sport and enjoy participation in several clubs, which allows for personal growth and development, as well as fostering in students a sense of ownership and belonging in their school.

Perhaps most importantly, because Trinity openly discusses matters of faith, morals, and religion regularly, Trinity is able to shape the whole person. At Trinity, our focus is not on test scores or passing rates, but on who our students are as people. We truly aim to develop citizens who are mature, informed and conscientious, and with a solid foundation in faith which will grow with them their entire lives.