Academic Departments

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." ~ Nelson Mandela

Trinity High School takes great pride in the quality of education that it provides to its students. While adhering to the curriculum set forth by the Diocese of Harrisburg, the faculty of Trinity provide advanced learning while nurturing students to excel in mind, body, and soul. We invite you to peruse our department information and meet our faculty.


The Art Department at Trinity is always a very active place.  Students are exposed to a variety of art forms in the studio and complete several different projects each year. Trinity is proud to have had several award winning artists come from its ranks.


The 21st century is synonymous with technology. Our students now have much more advanced technological skills than the students of previous decades. Trinity understands the importance of keeping our students informed and well versed in the areas of technology and business.


The English Department strives to adequately prepare students for the effective use of English in all oral and written communications. The English course of study at Trinity is a sequential program in all areas of language study for grades 9-12. The Department strives for mastery in the following:

  • study of grammar, usage and style
  • vocabulary study
  • writing skills
  • library skills
  • study of literature
  • literary traditions and analysis


Our Family and Consumer Sciences curriculum is designed for people – people making choices, people using resources, and people relating to people.

Thinking skills are encouraged in each course by using the practical problem solving approach.  Whether discussing topics in foods, clothing, decision making, or nurturing children, the intent is to provide the student with tools to enrich his/her life so families will be strengthened and, ultimately, all society will benefit.


The World Language Department at Trinity strives to promote the knowledge and use of a foreign language through the four fundamental language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  Students will also study the culture and geography of the language they choose to study.

The languages offered are: Chinese (3 levels), Latin (4 levels), French (4 levels and AP), and Spanish (4 levels and AP). It is both a policy and an expectation that successful students will continue their language choice for a minimum of two consecutive years. However, many colleges and universities recommend three years.


Health Education is designed to provide students with the foundations of health and wellness as they relate to today’s society. Health Education is required by the State of Pennsylvania for graduation.

Physical Education will provide the student with the fundamentals and skills necessary to perform lifelong sports, as they are related to today’s society.


The Mary Buckley Library is named in honor of Mrs. Mary Buckley who served as the librarian from 1974 to 1993. Students have the opportunity to explore numerous print resources as well as online databases. 24/7 access is available for all resources as well as a large number of computer workstations to use before, during, and after school.


The Mathematics Department at Trinity gives each student the opportunity to understand concepts, demonstrate skills, and master techniques of high school and college preparatory mathematics. Our curriculum offers a range of courses and a variety of levels for those courses which allows each student to be personally challenged while achieving success. Low student-teacher ratios are maintained so that all students may be accommodated based on their skill level.  Trinity works to ensure its graduates are 1) numerically literate 2) confident problem solvers and 3) moving forward with a solid mathematical foundation.


The Music Department at Trinity offers countless opportunities for students through a variety of musical ensembles and classroom music courses. Students from many of our ensembles, bands, and musical groups can be heard performing for local charitable organizations, school concerts, liturgies, and school assemblies.


In accordance with the curriculum of the Diocese of Harrisburg, the Religion Department of Trinity High School shares in the educational mission of the Church through:

  • Faith Formation
  • Moral/Ethical Development
  • Study of Sacred Scripture
  • Discernment of Christian Vocations
  • Living the Faith Through Serving Others


Trinity’s Science Department members create courses that are project oriented and span the course of the year. The curriculum enforces the concept that lab experience is essential to integrating critical thought processes. Many of the science text books double as eBooks and/or provide publisher websites which offer additional resources to students.

Not only are there research papers and tests, science fair and science projects, on-line activities and assessments, but there are also great teachers passing along their knowledge and experience.


The History and Social Studies Department of Trinity High School offers a sequential program of courses fulfilling Pennsylvania requirements as well as offering electives to juniors and seniors.  In keeping the with department philosophy, the primary goal is to develop articulate, socially responsible citizens.  To that end, a solid foundation in knowledge, methodology, and active class participation on the part of each student is emphasized.