Bring Your Own Technology


This policy is intended to provide students, staff and parents with knowledge of the parameters for acceptable and legal use of computers, hardware, and software accessed within the school, or personal devices brought by the student, BYOT (bring your own technology). Personal technological devices include, but are not limited to WIFI capable mobile devices, including laptops, netbooks, iPads, iPod Touch, eReaders, smart phones, and other tablets. All students within the building are to connect through our Lightspeed filtered and secured system. Students are not required to bring their own technology. Students are encouraged to use technology, as directed by the teacher, to enhance their learning. A variety of technologies will be available at the school for all students to use in class, when required. Students, staff and parents who have access to the school’s technology or who bring their own, must use it in accordance with established guidelines for the purpose of learning. The school will monitor technological activities that take place on campus during the school day including logging website access, newsgroup access, bandwidth, and network. Trinity High School requires that all students abide by the Children’s Online Protection Act, the Children’s Internet Protection Act, the Acceptable Use Policy for Web 2.0 Tools Wide Area Network for the Harrisburg Diocese, as well as laws pertaining to stalking, harassment, and bullying.

Trinity High School respects the privacy of every student with respect to stored files and e-mail accounts. However, the school maintains the right to search these files in order to investigate suspected inappropriate behavior. Any student who violates the acceptable use policy will be referred to the Dean of Students. Consequences for inappropriate use may include detention, suspension/probation and/or loss of BYOT privileges. THS reserves the right to alter or amend this BYOT policy at any time.

BYOT Registration Form, please print out, complete, sign and return to the Technology Office.

Acceptable Use Guidelines

  1. Students must register their devices with the school before using them in the building during school hours. (Registration forms are available in the Main Office)
  2. Students are required to disable their own subscribed network (Edge, 2g, 3g, 4g and LTE) and connect to the school server during school hours. Any student who accesses material that is blocked by our system on their own device will be in breach of the THS acceptable use policy, and will be referred to the Dean of Students.
  3. Teachers have the right to monitor the use of personal technological devices at any time.
  4. Students may not use earbuds, make phone calls, watch videos, or take pictures or videos unless directed to do so by the teacher or monitor in charge of the student at the time.
  5. Students are advised to keep their devices with them or locked in their locker. The school takes no responsibility for lost or stolen devices. Thefts of property will be investigated and reported to the Dean of Students.
  6. Students are expected to charge their devices at home.
  7. Students who use technology to complete assignments are expected to hand all assignments in on time, even if technology issues arise. Students are encouraged to always have a back up plan and hard copy. THS acknowledges that problems may arise with the use of technology that are out of the student’s and the teacher’s control. These issues will be handled on a case by case basis and at the discretion of the classroom teacher.
  8. Students are prohibited from accessing faculty, and staff computers, as well as school file servers, for any reason.
  9. THS’s bullying policy includes the use of all technology.