The Guidance Department is located in room 100B and houses the offices of Mrs. Stock (Director of Guidance) and Ms. Walsh (College Counselor). Mrs. Wilson (Capital Area Intermediate Unit counselor for freshmen and sophomores) is located on the second floor of the school.

We utilize Naviance in our Career Research and College Application process. Students, please see the “Using Naviance and Family Connection” PowerPoint for information on how to sign-in, and navigate your Family Connection account.

**Please note that any and all information provided regarding summer programs is offered as a service to the students and parents of Trinity High School, and is not an endorsement by Trinity High School, the Diocese of Harrisburg, or the Capital Area Intermediate Unit.**


Mrs. Stock, Ms. Walsh, and Ms. Wilson are available to see that every student’s counseling needs are met. Appointments can be made with any counselor by phone, or by coming to the Guidance Office (students only).

**Emails concerning counseling, colleges, careers, or setting up an appointment should be sent to a counselor directly.
Emails concerning general questions should be sent to

Mrs. Stock (Director of Guidance):
(717) 761-1116 or (717) 761-1358

Ms. Walsh (College/Career Counselor):
761-1116 or (717) 761-1358

Ms. Wilson (CAIU Freshman and Sophomore Counselor):
(717) 761-4374

Mrs. Michelle Kreiser (Administrative Assistant):
(717) 761-1358

Additional Resources
Teenline – 717-763-2345 or 1-800-722-5385
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 1-800-273-8255

Contact Us

Trinity High School Main Office: (717) 761-1116 ext 116
*Direct Line to Guidance Office: (717) 761-1358

*If no one is available to take your call, please be sure to leave a message containing your name, a message, and a number at which you may be reached.


Welcome Seniors! Please take some time to look around the Guidance Department web page, as we have many interesting and important things to share with you. Please see below for any publications regarding college and financial planning.

If you are looking for information on Open Houses at colleges or events like College Fairs held in the area, then use the “College Fairs and Open Houses” link just to the right. There you can find a calendar of college open houses and events in the area as well as flyers that are available for download.

If you are looking for information on college Admission representative visits, then use the link on the right, “College Visits at Trinity”  for a calendar of dates and times when college Admissions representatives will be visiting Trinity High School.

If you are looking to speak to someone about a question/problem, or want to make an appointment, please remember that you are always welcome to stop by the Guidance Office to talk to Mrs. Stock and Ms. Walsh. Appointments can be made with both counselors if you stop by the Guidance Office.

Selective Service

All males who will be turning 18, or are 18 and have not registered, need to register! It is against the law to not register for the Selective Service. This document will provide the application and information that you need to comply with the law.  Selective Service Form


Each year Army ROTC awards over 3,000 full-tuition scholarships to high school seniors through the High School Scholarship Program.

The scholarship program is selective and merit based–among other qualifications, a 2.50 grade point average and a 920 SAT score (verbal and math) are required. Along with academics, the successful applicant will have some background in athletics (preferably a varsity team sport) and extracurricular participation (preferably in a leadership role) such as student government, clubs, scouts, or volunteer or part-time jobs. Junior ROTC participation is not required.
There are over 1100 colleges that have Army ROTC programs, and ROTC scholarship will pay full tuition at any one of them. The process consists of an online application, sending transcripts and SAT/ACT scores, taking a physical fitness test, and completing a personal interview.
Please click here for additional information.

College Applications (Naviance)

Ms. Walsh, the College Counselor, is available by appointment for any questions or concerns about colleges, the college application process, and our new application management system: Naviance.

Please keep in mind when applying that the Guidance Office charges a $2 fee for every transcript processed, with the exception of the first transcript which is free.

To browse colleges, ask for transcripts from the Guidance Office for a college application, and request a letter of recommendation from a teacher, please use the Naviance: Family Connection system. Family Connection is the student portion of Naviance to which all students have been given a username and password.

A student’s username is first initial, last name, dot, year of graduation. (i.e. jdoe.2017) – not the whole email anymore and the whole last name should be in, despite the length.

Scholarship Information

Scholarship information can be accessed using Family Connection: the student and parent portion of Naviance. Scholarships can be found under the heading “Scholarships”. Below are some articles that can help you apply for scholarships.

To log into Family Connection to view scholarships.

Scholarships for International Students

Scholarship Interview tips

Useful Websites

Tips from Collegeboard provides a list of Do’s and Don’t’s to writing an effective college essay.

Helpful Hints from ACT provides a detailed student blog about hints for constructing college essays.

Essay Mechanics  from the Princeton Review provides not only what to include in a college essay, but also a guide to essay mechanics or how to structure your essay.


Welcome Juniors of Trinity High School! Please check back here often as new updates and important information from the Guidance Office will be posted here throughout the year.

Students at Trinity have the opportunity to meet with College Admission Representatives who visit Trinity ONLY when the student has a study hall that coincides with the Representative’s visit. Clicking on the “College Visits” link on the navigation bar above will take you to a calendar showing all the Admission Representative visits to Trinity this year. Remember to check back frequently, as more visits are added throughout the year.

Please remember to schedule an appointment with Ms. Walsh if you have any questions about what is available to you after high school. Appointment request slips may be found in the Guidance Office.

Information for Junior Parents

Certain colleges offer scholarships to students who are nominated by Ms. Walsh in their junior year.  The nominated student must meet qualifications set by the college, apply to the college in their senior year and be accepted by the college.  If those criteria are met, the student is offered a “Junior Scholar Program” Award. The amount of the scholarship varies from school to school.
Instead of arbitrarily naming a student to the program, Ms. Walsh will list the schools as they contact Guidance.  If a junior is interested in applying to a particular school, he or she should let Ms. Walsh know of their interest.She will make sure they qualify for the program and then submit the student’s name to the college.  Usually, only 2 students per school can be nominated. Check out the schools on Family Connections.  If any fit your profile, contact Ms. Walsh at the Guidance Office.
Ms. Walsh will update the list below as new college offers become available.
Schools offering Junior Scholarships:
  • The Sage Colleges
  • Elmira College
  • High Point University
  • St. Michael’s College
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Furman University
  • Wells College
  • Chatham University
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Washington College

International Students

International students at Trinity High School who juniors or seniors and are thinking about attending college, in either the United States or in their home country, need to schedule an appointment with Ms. Walsh to discuss the college application process.

Below is information regarding international students and what they need to know while at Trinity.

International students at Trinity should see the below information if they are considering attending college after their senior year.