College Visits at Trinity

For the 2017-2018 school year, the Guidance Office will be scheduling college admission representatives at various times during the school day.. If a student is interested in meeting with a representative, they should come to the Guidance Office.

If you are visiting a college during school hours, please see Mrs. Lafferty in the Attendance Office for the appropriate form.

This section of the website shows the dates and times when college admission representatives will be coming to Trinity. Each week, the colleges and appointment times will be posted on the door to the Guidance Office as well as here.

NOTE: The calendar is subject to change at any time.


Top 3 tips for students to get into their dream college

1.) Write a killer essay. This is their opportunity to make a connection with the Admissions Committee and for them to get to know who they are. Be authentic. Don’t be overly formal. Select an essay subject that will make them stand out and shows individuality as well as passion for learning and life.
2.) Go the extra mile. Take time to review their social media accounts to make sure they reflect the person they want the Admissions Committee to see. Have a personal interview with an Admissions Counselor? Take time to write and mail them a handwritten thank you note. On a different note, students can seek help in navigating the college application process from your Guidance Counselor or a professional College Admissions Counseling Service.
3.)Spend their summer in a meaningful way. Students can attend a pre-college program, secure an internship, volunteer, or find a summer gig. Taking the initiative to explore a new subject or attend a summer program will give them an advantage.