Student Life

Student Life at Trinity

Student life at Trinity is busy and exciting!  No matter what your interests are, few or many, Trinity offers something for everyone.  Below is a listing of the clubs, organizations, and activities.  Do you see something that interests you? You can email the moderator or stop in to see them during the school day.  Some clubs offer additional information which you can see by clicking on the link.  Have fun!

Activity Representatives

Moderator – Sr. Susan Kuk  email

Apostolic Service Coordinator

Moderator – Mrs. Judi Fejfar  email

Birding and Conservation Club

Moderator – Mr. Carr

Book Club

Moderator – Mrs. Emily Babusci  email

See what’s going on with “Let’s Talk Books” – click here!

Concert Band

Director – Mr. Gary Bricker  email


Moderator – Mrs. Chris Geisel

Chess Club

Moderator – Mr. Martin Carr  email

Computer Aides

Moderator – TBD


Moderator – Mr. Fred Prestine


Moderator – Mrs. Caroline Jarrett  email

Environmental Club / Recycling

Moderator – Mr. Steve Gotwols  email

Foreign Language Honor Society

Moderator – Mrs. Kim Tropp  email

French Club

Moderator – Mrs. Sarah Zellers  email

Key Club

Moderator – Mrs. Michele Stager  email

Latin Club

Moderator – Mr. Corey Cook  email

Marching Band

Director – Mr. Scott Root  email

Math Honor Society

Moderator – Mrs. Kathy Leandri  email

Missions / Service Representatives

Moderator – Mrs. Judi Fejfar  email

Music - Chorus

Moderator – Mrs. Caroline Jarrett  email

Music - Handbells

Moderator – Mrs. Denise Auriemma email

National Honor Society

Moderator – Mrs. Caroline Jarrett  email

Learn more about Trinity’s NHS – click here!

Newspaper Club (Trinity Times)

Moderator – Mrs. Kaitlin Walsh email


Moderator – Mr. Jude Olivetti  email

Pokemon Club

Moderator – Mr. Eric Hocker  email

Pep Club

Moderator – Miss Janice Kiker  email

Quiz Bowl

Moderator – TBD

Respect Life Club

Moderator – Mrs. Mary Lou Bytof  email

Science Lab Aides/Science Fair

Moderator – Mrs. Linda Piscioneri  email

Shamrock Ambassadors

Moderator – Mrs. Devon Ban  email

Ski Club

Moderator – Ms. Janice Albright

Visit the Ski Club web page!

Spanish Club

Moderator – Mrs. Kim Tropp  email

Stage Crew

Moderator – Sr. Susan Kuk  email

Student Council

Moderator – Ms. Alanna Stuart  email


Moderators:  Mrs. Jean Lindholm   email
Mrs. Michele Stager   email

Find more information here.

Trinity Business Club

Moderator – Mr. Troy Jensen  email


Moderator – Mrs. Emily Babusci email

See more information here.