Tuition is based on the cost to educate a student at Trinity High School. Parish and Diocesan subsidies account for a portion of the difference between the tuition for a registered Catholic parishioner and the actual cost to educate. A non-refundable deposit on tuition of $150 per student is due each year at the time of registration. This deposit is deducted from the total tuition due.

2018-2019 Tuition Rates

1 Student, Registered Catholic Parishioner     $  7,675
2 Students, Registered Catholic Parishioner $13,700
3 Students, Registered Catholic Parishioner $17,825

1 Student, Non-Parishioner    $  9,375
2 Students, Non-Parishioner  $17,000
3 Students, Non-Parishioner  $23,075

Incidental Costs – The tuition rates reflected above include ALL mandatory school fees. However, there are options in which your student may elect to participate or opportunities that arise during the course of the school year that are not included in tuition and may incur an incidental cost; i.e., AP / Dual Credit / Driver’s Education/ SAT Prep Classes, Field Trips, KAIROS, Club Activities and/or a Parking Permit.

FACTS Tuition Management Program

Tuition payments are made directly to FACTS which enables families to pay their tuition by choosing from various payment plans; 12 monthly payments, 4 payments, 2 payments or 1 payment as well as various payment methods; check, direct debit, ACH, credit card. An annual enrollment fee is payable to FACTS for payment plans chosen other than the 1 payment plan. If you choose to pay in full by the first payment due date, no fee is charged by FACTS.

Tuition Assistance

Trinity High School offers two tuition assistance/scholarship programs; The Neumann Scholarship Foundation and Trinity High School Tuition Assistance, both of which are need-based. 

For more information, please visit our Tuition Assistance page.