Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)


Trinity High School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

PTO Officers to Shadow 2017/18

The Trinity PTO is seeking volunteers for (4) PTO Officer Positions.  The volunteers will shadow Lori Swade and Sarah Mirarchi for the 2017-2018 school year.

Your support is an essential element in the success of our school. While some schools can be successful in the short term without strong parental and community support, only those with very active, involved parents continue to thrive over the long-term. A common factor which contributes to the excellence of our school is the strong involvement of our parents, teachers, and alumni.

If you are interested, please contact Lori at or Sarah Mirarchi at 717-774-7097 with any questions you have about the offices and process. Below is a description of PTO Officer Duties.


Serves as principal executive officer of the PTO organization.  Supervises and controls activities and fundraisers of the organization.  Presides and participates in all PTO and committee meetings.


Vice President

Acts as aide to the president and performs the president duties in the absence or inability of the president. Works closely with the Volunteer Coordinator. Acts as coordinator of committee members.



Keeps the minutes of the proceedings of PTO and committee meetings. Conducts delegated correspondence and performs other assigned duties.



Responsible for all funds of the organization. Deposits all PTO monies with proper documentation. Insures that all Check Request Forms are signed by the president and turned into Carol Mullen with receipts or invoices attached. Reports account balance monthly to PTO President.


Room Parent Coordinator and Room Parents:

The Room Parent Coordinator is a new PTO position at Trinity. The Room Parent Coordinator shall recruit and assign (3) Room Parents from each grade. The Room Parents and Coordinator will serve as the liaison between the faculty facilitator of an event and the families. Providing pertinent information about upcoming events and activities, as well as making requests for volunteers or item donations will be the Room Parents’ chief function.


Volunteer Coordinator: 

Our Volunteer Coordinators are members of PTO and shall recruit volunteers for events and school activities. You will collect and maintain a list of volunteers to assure that volunteer data is recorded and available for PTO. Work with teachers, staff, and committees to assure volunteers are recruited for programs or events as needed.

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We encourage all of our parents, students, staff and alumni to volunteer for the committee, event or fundraiser which best reflects their talent and interest.  The events and fundraisers will not be successful without your time, talents, and willingness to help out at school or from home. Please click the link below to register as a PTO volunteer.

(PTO Volunteer)

PTO Committees/Events/Fundraisers

Welcome Committee

Uniform Exchange

Teacher/Staff Appreciation

Back-to-School Night – August 30

Harlem Wizards – Fall 2017 (Student Event)

Teacher & Staff Holiday Cookie Extravaganza – December 22

Catholic Schools Week (CSW) – Ice Cream Sundae Social – February 2

Bingo (Adults Only) – TBD