Health Services

Contact Information

Mrs. Sarah Hubler, BSN, RN
(717) 761-1116 ext. 136
Fax:  (717) 761-7309

Trinity High School has a nurse on staff in the nurse’s office from 8 AM until 2 PM, Monday through Friday.  Her primary role is to assess the daily needs of the students, faculty, and staff  in regards to emergency treatment, first aid and illness triage, dispensing medications, maintenance of immunization and school health records, as well as emotional support and referral to counseling staff as needed.  She also assists the West Shore School District Certified School Nurse (present at Trinity High School once during a six day cycle) with state mandated health screenings.


Physical Exams

The modified health program of the West Shore School District and Trinity High School requires a medical examination for all students in kindergarten, sixth grade, ninth grade, or for a student who transfers to the school, to include those who were homeschooled prior to attending Trinity.  You are encouraged to have this done by your family physician, which can provide needed immunization updates and treat any problems noted.  The PA Dept. of Health private physical exam form is located in the Forms section above and can be printed and taken to your family physician.  This form or a similar form obtained from your doctor’s office, including immunization records must be turned in to the nurse’s office.

Please note:  this form is separate from the sports physical exam required to participate in sports, please refer to the athletic tab to obtain the sports physical form.  Most doctors are happy to complete both forms at the same visit.


It is required by law that as a condition of attendance at school in Pennsylvania, proof of adequate immunization of your student must be provided to the school.  The student may be excluded from school if proper documentation of immunization is not provided.  The only exceptions to this are if the student has a medical condition or a strong moral or ethical conviction that opposes such immunizations, in which case written documentation must be provided to the school.


All students receive a state mandated height, weight, and vision screening on a yearly basis.  BMI and BMI percentage is calculated and recorded in the school health record.  In addition, all sophomores receive a hearing screening.  Any deficiencies in vision or hearing are promptly reported to the parent and referred for follow-up with a physician.


Students are not permitted to carry medications in their backpack, sports bag, or store them in their lockers.  All medications must be kept in the nurse’s office (with the exception of emergency medications-see below).

Non-Prescription Medications

In order to receive non-prescription (over-the-counter) medications during school, a student must have an Authorization for Non-Prescription Medication form on file in the Nurse’s Office. This form was created by the Diocese and requires a school employee to witness the parent/guardian signature; therefore, it is not a form that is sent home with the student for parental signature. The parent/guardian must come to the school to sign the form, and copies of this form are kept in the Main Office and the Nurse’s Office. Many parents take care of this at back-to-school night at the nurse’s table in the cafeteria. A new form must be filled out for each student every school year.

Prescription Medications

If it is essential that a student should receive prescription medication during school hours, the medication must be in the original, properly labeled container. The container must be labeled by a pharmacist or physician. Many pharmacies, upon request, will give a spare labeled container to be sent in to school. The original container is to be accompanied by a doctor’s note that includes the student’s name, name of medication, dosage, frequency, reason/diagnosis, instructions for administration during school, and the physician’s name/signature.

Emergency Medications

Students are permitted and encouraged to carry emergency medications on their person, such as inhalers or Epi-pens. These are prescription medications, and, therefore, a doctor’s note must be provided and kept on file in the Nurse’s Office. This also must be renewed every school year.